Our varieties are:

Cherry originated in the United States. Its fruit has a medium caliber between 24 and 26 mm. Its taste and firm pulp are excellent. It is round and heart-shaped, with a dark red skin and short pedicel. Its condition for shipping by sea is very good.

It is a variety of Canadian origin. It is a large-caliber fruit, between 25 and 30 mm. Its taste and firm pulp are very good, although somewhat less than the Bing. It has a vibrant red color and long pedicel. Its condition is good for medium to long shipping by sea.

It is an early-season cherry originated in Canada. Its fruit has a large caliber, greater than average, between 26 and 28 mm. It is dark red, with a firm pulp, attractive and shiny skin. Its shape is oval and it has a medium pedicel. Its condition is good for shipping by sea.

Packing: Once harvested, the fruit is quickly chilled with a hydrocooler. It is then led through water, to avoid bumping, to a place where it is classified by shape and caliber. Afterwards, the fruit is packed according to the client’s demands and orders. Finally, the fruit is stored in chambers with controlled temperature and humidity while the delivery is prepared for the destination markets. The fruit can be packed in bulk boxes with capacity for 2.5 kilograms (5.5 pounds) or 5 kilograms (11 pounds), within 10 clear slider bags.

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